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Serving Utensils for Dry Ice

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Dry Ice Utensils

After extensive discussion with our partners in Greece and abroad, we found that many chefs, bartenders and therefore many hotels, restaurants and bars around the world need specifically designed utensils. These utensils aim not to just serve but to show impressively our customers’ dishes, cocktails, bottles of wine or other drinks etc. These research findings led us to design and manufacture special trays and dishes for serving with dry ice. 

To date, three products have been created and more will follow. The design and production of these exceptionally stylish and functional utensils are made exclusively in Greece.

Their production is made by hand by skilled technicians in one of the largest factories in Greece.

There are designed in such a way and in dimensions that can cover a wide range of applications.
Our main concern was not only to build beautiful utensils, but give the opportunity to our customers to acquire versatile tools with many varied applications of their choice, in the best possible way.