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Why Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting?

xlogo-2015.png.pagespeed.ic.Kk5BbqVcb-Cold Jet recently celebrated 20 years as the leader in dry ice blasting and dry ice production technology. We would like to thank our customers, employees, suppliers, vendors,
and distributors for our continued success.

Cold Jet is a global company founded on engineering and worldwide customer service excellence and we are uniquely positioned to be there when you need us – wherever you are.

At Cold Jet we believe in the philosophy of long-term customer partnerships. We are committed to delivering on our promises and have proven it to thousands of customers across the globe.

12 Reasons you should partner with Cold Jet.

20 years of Innovation

Since 1986, Cold Jet has been the leader in dry ice technology and has set the industry standards for product development.

Largest installed customer base.

Due to our diverse and flexible product line, we have been able to provide solutions to thousands of customers worldwide. These customers are realizing the benefit of their investment with Cold Jet through savings in time, money and improved quality.

The complete solution for your specific application

Whether its rubber mold cleaning, building restoration, general maintenance, printing press cleaning or any one of the dry ice blasting applications, Cold Jet offers a complete and total solution for your cleaning need. This approach enables us to assure you complete satisfaction – we take care of everything from the design of the dry ice equipment and its components to the application technology.

Lower Cost of Ownership

We realize that air and ice can be an expensive addition to the dry ice blast cleaning process, so Cold Jet dry ice blast systems are designed to use less air, less ice and half the manpower to operate. Because of these reductions, Cold Jet’s systems have a much lower cost of ownership than any other dry ice blast system on the market.

Widest Variety of solutions on the market

Cold Jet realizes that not all companies, or budgets, are the same. Our blast systems range from large in-place fully engineered applications to those that can fit into the trunk of a car. Whether you have a dedicated blast site at your plant or need to move from job site to job site, we have the system for you. And our systems are available to suit almost any budget. Let us work with you to find the right system for your budget and your need.

Dry Ice Technology

We also offer dry ice production equipment that makes the dry ice for you. To make sure that the dry ice blasting process works effectively, Cold Jet has invested in understanding the art of manufacturing dry ice and continues to make advances in this area today. Over the years, we have made several technological advances in our Pelletizers that have given us the ability to manufacture dry ice pellets that are denser and of better quality than commonly found with traditional dry ice suppliers. If you have an application that requires substantial dry ice usage, we can show you how it may be more economical to own your own production equipment.

Application Specific Nozzle Technology

Cleaning applications come in a wide range of plant settings, environments, and application constraints. One size does not fit all. There is a great deal of engineering science that goes into nozzle technology. That’s why Cold Jet is the only company that employs aerospace engineers whose primary role is to produce the best blast nozzles in the industry. Cold Jet helps you get more work out of your existing plant air systems, get better cleaning efficiency and have lower blasting noise levels than any one else. Cold Jet has created the best blast tools available to enable you to effectively and efficiently meet your cleaning needs.

Global Support

With offices in the United States and Europe and global distribution channels, we can guarantee “on-time” delivery of parts, equipment maintenance and repair capability. Each facility is staffed with their own Service Technicians allowing us to react to your needs faster.

Technical Support 24-hours a day

Emergency and late night equipment troubleshooting are not a problem for us. Cold Jet technical service representatives not only know our equipment but know what your specific application calls for and how you can best use your Cold Jet system. This gives you the confidence in knowing your operation won’t come to a halt if something unforeseen occurs.

Application Engineering Support

Cold Jet has over 10 Engineers on staff who are experienced in dry ice technology and applications for many different industries. They take the time to fully understand your unique needs and design a solution to meet your requirements. Let us spend the time necessary with you to find the answer, down to the smallest detail, that can mean the most to you.

Financing and Rental options

We realize that not all Companies needs are the same and a capital purchase is not always necessary, we can provide lease, rent-to-own, short-term rental and even used equipment as alternative option

Superior Ergonomics

Through years of application experience, superior engineering and design improvements made possible by working closely with our customers, our blast cleaning systems are built with our customers’ needs in mind. Our engineering advancements have allowed hose diameters and nozzle weights to decrease while performance has dramatically improved – making the cleaning job easier.